Bartolucci, a fantastic wood world

Bartolucci, a fantastic wood world

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If you are looking for a very original gift for a kid Bartolucci is perfect for you.

This very famous Italian brand created handmade objects in wood. Paper clips Replica Bags, music boxes, wallclocks, in this fantastic world everything is colored and natural. The guest star is Pinocchio, the well-know puppet is realized in many shapes: pen, keychain, pendant Replica Handbags, and so on. With many options for girls and boys Bartolucci is a terrific option to buy something special.


Located inside Al Bustan Complex at first floor Replica Handbags, Bartolucci is open everyday 10am-10pm

For further information about Bartolucci, follow the Instagram account bartolucci_kw


Al Bustan Complex Replica Handbags, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya

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